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Car Key Fob by Noble Locksmith: A Nightmare in Disguise




Car key fobs are meant to enhance convenience and security for vehicle owners. However, Noble Locksmith’s car key fob service proves to be more of a nightmare than a solution. In this article, we will delve into the numerous complaints and negative experiences shared by customers who have dealt with Noble Locksmith’s car key fob service. From malfunctioning fobs to unprofessional technicians, Noble Locksmith’s service falls short in delivering the promised benefits.

Unreliable Key Fob Programming:

One of the most common issues reported by customers is the unreliable programming of car key fobs by Noble Locksmith. Customers have experienced situations where the key fobs provided by Noble Locksmith fail to function as expected. This results in frustration and inconvenience, as the fobs become unreliable and defeat the purpose of having a keyless entry system.

Incompetent Technicians:

Noble Locksmith claims to have competent technicians who specialize in car key fob programming. However, customers have encountered technicians who lack the necessary expertise and knowledge. These technicians struggle to properly program key fobs, leading to errors and repeated attempts. The incompetence of Noble Locksmith’s technicians undermines their credibility and raises doubts about their ability to provide reliable car key fob services.

Poor Quality Key Fobs:

Customers have expressed concerns regarding the quality of the key fobs provided by Noble Locksmith. Many have experienced key fobs that break easily or have buttons that become unresponsive over time. This lack of durability and reliability reflects poorly on the company’s commitment to providing high-quality products and leaves customers feeling dissatisfied and deceived.

Lack of Timely Assistance:

In situations where customers encounter issues with their car key fobs, Noble Locksmith’s customer support proves to be unhelpful. Customers have reported delays in receiving assistance, with unresponsive representatives who fail to provide timely solutions. This lack of support and responsiveness further adds to the frustration and inconvenience experienced by customers relying on Noble Locksmith’s car key fob service.

Excessive Pricing:

Noble Locksmith’s car key fob service comes at a steep price that exceeds industry standards. Customers have reported being shocked by the exorbitant fees charged for key fob programming and replacement. This unjustified pricing strategy takes advantage of customers’ need for a functional key fob, leaving them feeling exploited and dissatisfied with the overall experience.


Noble Locksmith’s car key fob service falls short in terms of reliability, professionalism, and customer support. From unreliable key fob programming and incompetent technicians to poor quality key fobs and unresponsive customer assistance, their service fails to deliver the promised convenience and security. It is advisable for customers to explore alternative options when in need of car key fob services to avoid the frustrations and disappointments associated with Noble Locksmith.


Q: What are some common problems customers face with Noble Locksmith’s car key fob service?

A: Customers have reported a range of problems with Noble Locksmith’s car key fob service. These include receiving faulty or non-functional key fobs, experiencing difficulties with programming, and encountering unresponsive buttons or intermittent functionality. These issues not only cause frustration but also waste customers’ time and money.

Q: Is Noble Locksmith’s customer support helpful for car key fob issues?

A: Unfortunately, customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Noble Locksmith’s customer support for car key fob issues. Reports of unresponsive or unhelpful assistance, long wait times, and lack of resolution have been common. It can be frustrating when dealing with a company that fails to provide adequate support for key fob-related problems.

Q: Are the replacement key fobs provided by Noble Locksmith of good quality?

A: Customers have frequently complained about the poor quality of replacement key fobs provided by Noble Locksmith. Issues such as buttons wearing out quickly, key fobs breaking easily, or inconsistent functionality have been reported. This raises concerns about the reliability and durability of the key fobs supplied by Noble Locksmith.

Q: Are there alternative service providers for car key fob services?

A: Considering the negative experiences shared by customers, exploring alternative service providers for car key fob services is highly recommended. It is advisable to research reputable locksmith companies with a track record of providing reliable and high-quality key fobs, effective programming, and responsive customer support. Reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations can help identify trustworthy alternatives to Noble Locksmith.

Q: What should I do if I have had a negative experience with Noble Locksmith’s car key fob service?

A: If you have had a negative experience with Noble Locksmith’s car key fob service, it is important to address your concerns directly with the company. Contact their customer support, explain the issues you faced, and request a resolution or refund if applicable. If the company fails to address your concerns, consider leaving a review to share your experience and warn others. Additionally, you may want to seek assistance from another reputable locksmith service provider to rectify any issues with your car key fob.

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