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Common Myths About the SSC CGL Examination Preparation



The SSC Common Graduate Level (CGL) examination is a national-level exam. This examination is conducted annually by the SSC. The objective of this examination is to select candidates for various posts in departments and organizations of the Indian government. The SSC Common General Admission Level exam is one of the most sought-after examinations among graduates. This exam provides candidates with the opportunity to get a job with security, additional benefits, and a good salary.  However, it is not easy to pass the SSC CGL exam. Therefore, you should follow the study plan, and also learn some tips and tricks to pass the exam. In addition, you can join the coaching center where you can get expert guidance. During the SSC CGL exam preparation, you should keep the SSC CGL notification in mind. It will motivate you and you get an idea about the time left for the exam.

The SSC CGL Exam is given by a large number of applicants on an annual basis. Candidates are discourage from applying for this exam due to the widespread belief that certain test-related myths are true. In addition to that, the preparation process is made more difficult by these myths. You should study this post very carefully if you are interested in learning more about the myths surrounding the SSC CGL exam. In the following lines, we will dispel some of the more widespread falsehoods.

Have a look at some of the myths about the SSC CGL Exam

The Exam is Difficult to Crack

Although the SSC CGL widely consider to be one of the most difficult tests in the world, it is not completely unbreakable. The vast majority of applicants have passed the test on their very first attempt. You should focus the majority of your efforts on improving your quantitative aptitude, English comprehension, and Grammar. In addition, you need to plan out what you want to accomplish and concentrate on doing so with the assistance of knowledgeable direction. After that, you need to adhere to the syllabus, complete a number of practice exams, and maintain a consistent approach to your preparations. Aside from this, you should limit your study materials to just one or two sources, and you shouldn’t let the organization of the syllabus divert your attention.

There is No Need to Study English Grammar/Comprehension

The belief that the English segment is not particularly significant and can be easily scored is, by far, the most popular explanation for why applicants choose to bypass the English portion of the examination. On the other side, they miss out on potential points since they do not work on improving their grammar skills and because they do not have practice answering questions based on their comprehension. In point of fact, the majority of applicants do not even bother to refer back to their earlier papers. The majority of candidates are under the impression that the English portion is difficult to score well in, despite the fact that doing so will only bring down their overall score.

The General Knowledge Section is Very Unpredictable

Candidates often report that the GK section is exceedingly challenging. If you look at the old tests, though, you will notice a pattern, and you will have a better idea of where you stand in terms of your potential score. However, the test of general knowledge consists of questions drawn from a limited range of subject areas. This encompasses the fields of science, politics, as well as Indian history, culture, and geography, as well as the economy. In addition, a few of the inquiries focus on technological advancements as well as athletic competition.

Speed is Not Important

Speed is one of the most important things to consider when trying to answer questions. While it’s important to read questions thoroughly before trying them, candidates shouldn’t spend more than 1-2 minutes per question. Therefore, when you improve your speed you can solve more questions and can score high. To improve your speed you should solve quantitative questions. In addition, solving mock test also sweeten your speed. 

You Have to Study +18 Hours a Day

It is the most common myth that to ace the exam you should study 18 or more hours in a day. Obviously, this is not true. You can ace the exam with smart work and full dedication. While exam preparations you should also focus on another important aspect such as health. Moreover, you should take time to take breaks in order to refresh your mind and body. It makes you more productive. 

So, our advice is for you to avoid trusting myths. In addition, if you are looking for a coaching center for SSC CGL exam preparations. Then you should join the best SSC Coaching in Delhi.


There are many urban legends surrounding the SSC CGL exam, and all they do is divert your attention away from the preparations you need to do. Therefore, you need to put your attention on the preparations and disregard all of the myths.

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