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Enhance Your Living Experience and moment with Airbnb Abuja



Airbnb Abuja

In today’s fast lives, looking for a beautiful and personalized accommodation to enhance your travel can be hectic. But after the introduction of Airbnb Abuja, you can lodge your travel experience that goes beyond the traditional Hotel as it includes a cottage in the countryside, a stylish urban apartment, or an exotic villa side by the beach through Airbnb you can get it all just by moving your fingers.

So, Airbnb is an option for travelers who are looking for apartments for their short visit with not many rules and regulations. Definitely a game-changer for those who are looking for something at a cheaper rate but better quality and great living space. 

And if you are looking for Airbnb Abuja then check out the Shortletnigeria where you can get an Airbnb at budget-friendly prices. And in this blog, we will see how Airbnb enhances your travel experience and makes that more comfortable and unforgettable. 

Benefits of booking an Airbnb

If you are a traveler and you are looking for something in Airbnb Port Harcourt or any of the parts of Nigeria then you are taking the right steps as Airbnb is budget-friendly as well as they give you a personal space as per your needs. For details read the context provided below. 

Personalized accommodation:

An Airbnb offers a lodging option that caters to the needs of a traveler’s preference and ready their accommodation accordingly. Travelers can mention their needs as per them and as per their style and personality. As these personal touches add a resemblance to your trip it makes you feel at home more. 

Mesmerizing cultural experience.

Staying in an Airbnb connects you with the local culture as most of the time the hosts have to provide insights into the best local restaurants, and cultural traditions that might not be an ironic tourist image but somehow it connects you with the local culture and enables you to enjoy the local activities. 

Comfort and space matters.

Unlike hotels, Airbnb is a place where you will have a lot of space, and the tourist comforts matter a lot. The place of your living will be airy with all the best comfort. Whether you are traveling with a group, duo or solo Airbnb has the recommendation for them all. As the apartments have the kitchen, bedrooms, balconies, and many more that will enlighten your ‘s and your guest’s mood. 

The Airbnb accommodations at various global cities are found as a good option if you are there for a few days. Booking accommodation through Airbnb sites must be done after thorough thought and considerations, because not all hosts will be the same and the stay. If you are booking Airbnb Abuja, read the following contents so you go well prepared to the short term rental.

It is not hotel accommodation

You cannot expect the standard of living of the host to be at par with you. Sometimes their lifestyle and level can be superior to you. In some stays you may not get clean towels or clean sheets on the bed. It is not a hotel where the chambermaid comes to the room every morning to change sheets and towels. You may or may not expect small courtesies like a bottle of water or a packet of biscuits.

You may need to clean

Cleaning charges are levied in most Airbnb arrangement and it can be between $20 and $150.  Despite paying the money for cleaning you should still maintain a habit of keeping things clean if you want to stay there peacefully. It is expect of you to clean your dirty dishes, take out garbage everyday and do general cleaning.

Misleading property photos

Most properties enrolled with Airbnb publish great photos of their accommodation. These are professionally taken shots that make the worst thing to look better. You should not be surprised when you turn up at the property and find clutter in general and also owners leaving toilet and makeup essential on the bathroom shelf or counter.


The introduction of Airbnb has totally revolutionized those who travel in a group. Because renting the whole apartment is a way more expensive thing and moving towards the Airbnbs can be the cheapest and best way to travel. Also, Airbnb has a kitchen as well that will save your dining out money as well. 

Unique location

Airbnb is located in some amazing locations which are quite outside of the city. Imagine staying at a place where all the beautiful scenes that you can enjoy in the morning and you can enjoy it all on your personal balcony. 


Staying in an Airbnb can give you a beautiful experience. While traveling people’s comfort is mostly a great concern because hotel rooms are quite small which is why there is a lack of facilities.

So, instead of that if you are looking for Hotel in port harcourt or in the state of Nigeria then you can go with Shortletnigeria they are providing the best Airbnb at the location of your preference and you can personalize it according to you, and get an Airbnb ready. If you are the one whose budget is tight then nothing could be better than an Airbnb.

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