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How to use JetBlue WiFi [Little Known ways]



Long-route flights can be very boring if you do not have a proper source of entertainment, however, with the introduction of in-flight WiFi, these long flights are also bearable. 

People can now choose to use the internet connection provided by different Airlines to stream content and chat with people while they are in the air. JetBlue Airlines has also launched its own WiFi service that can be used by all the customers on the flight. Currently this service has been launched specifically for domestic flights and in this article, we are going to tell you how you can use JetBlue flyfi which is basically their WiFi service. 

What is JetBlue Flight Fly-Fi?

The in-flight WiFi services of JetBlue have been launched quite late compared to its competitors but, you need to know that this has been done to ensure that they can provide their passengers with the best services. 

JetBlue Fly-fi is worth the wait as it now provides free Wi-Fi on all of their domestic flights which can be accessed with the help of the flyfi portal. Unlike other Airlines, JetBlue has launched high-speed free internet connection for their passengers which people will not find on other Airlines where the Wi-Fi services are usually paid. 

What is the process to connect with JetBlue Fly-Fi?

If you are travelling with a JetBlue flight then, you need to know the steps that will help you in connecting to the WiFi services provided by the Airlines. Connecting to the WiFi is a relatively easier process as passengers simply need to complete a login to ensure that they can use the free service provided by the Airlines. 

  1. You need to access the website on any web browser of your choice once you are settled in the flight. 
  2. Now, you simply need to press the ‘Connected’ tab present on the website which will establish a connection between your device and the WiFi service. 
  3. The last step you need to follow is to choose the ‘Select Free Trial’ option to access the WiFi and use it for different purposes. 

If you are on a domestic flight then, you do not need to pay for the services as the internet provided by the Airlines is free on all domestic flights. After completing the above process, you can easily complete different tasks using the website. 

The fly-fi portal is quite easy to understand as we have explained to you and if you are wondering about the different activities that the WiFi service allows then, let me inform you about that too. 

  1. Free texting using any social media application that require a proper internet connection. 
  2. Permission to use different streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime video and DirecTV. 

These services are offered by the Airlines and you can access other streaming applications to stream your desired movies, TV shows and web series. 

We hope that with the help of the information provided here, you can now make your long flights interesting and spend your time doing something productive. 

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