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FSSAI License Renewal in 2023



fssai license renewal 2023

As per the guidelines and regulations specified in the FSSAI Act 2006, FSSAI regulates food-related businesses. If you are running a food-related business or actions linked to the food business, then there is a Requirement to take an FSSAI license. Similarly, FSSAI license renewal is also the most crucial step and it is necessary as well. You have to renew your FSSAI license regularly within its given time period. Any food business operator or entrepreneur who wishes to start a business in the food sector has to apply for an FSSAI license with its renewal every 1 to 5 years.

Getting an FSSAI License quickly and feasibly with expert guidance and support, that too in just 4 easy steps-

  • Choosing that Type of food license which is Based on Your Food Business
  • Verification of your FSSAI registration with documents
  • Online FSSAI Application Filing & Registration
  • FSSAI Food License Achievement

Who Needs Food License Renewal?

There are various food business operators who require FSSAI renewal licenses businesses including hostels, manufacturing procurement, distribution, processing packaging, storage, restaurants, food chains, wholesalers, food vendors and resellers, and processing food like pickle and dry fruit manufacturers. Dairy and dairy processing, raw materials suppliers which are used for food businesses, food exporters and importers, Transporters who move food items from one place to another, Retailers & establishments having a retail outlet of food, corporation canteens, schools, colleges, hospitals, or government institutions, etc.

Types of Food License Renewal

Food License renewal has 3 types, which are mentioned here

  • Basic FSSAI Renewal: It is eligible for all types of Food Business Operators under basic FSSAI Registration with annual turnover below 12 lakh.
  • State FSSAI License Renewal; The FSSAI State License renewal is suitable for all Food Business Operators having an annual turnover of above than 12 lakh and less than 20 crore. The charges required for this license depend upon the Food business type and the food license validity period.
  • Central FSSAI License Renewal: This License Renewal is for those food business operators who have an annual turnover of more than 20 crore. Moreover, the Central FSSAI License Renewal must be renewed before it expires.

Benefits of Issuing an FSSAI License Renewal

  • The Food License concept was created to improve the standard and hygiene of Food products and also to assist them in getting the international organizations’ benchmark.
  • It gives the laws to the Food Business Operators and the department which is regulated by a single access point.
  • It will give some kind of confidence to the customer and trust assuring that the particular brand or business is certified with FSSAI, and it will make the public more convenient and build belief in the food product that holds with FSSAI license number and logo.
  • The most crucial benefit of achieving the FSSAI Registration Online is the legal reward as the proceeding in the license is done by doing various inspections and examinations. Then only the Food license will be passed by the authority.

Documents Required for Food License Renewal

  • Passport size photos
  • Any Proof of identification such as a PAN card, driver’s License, Voter ID card, Passport, Aadhaar Card, and so on
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Address
  • Papers of the property of the registered place or Rent agreement
  • Form A
  • Form B
  • NOC issued by Municipality or No objection Certificate, Panchayat, Health Department etc
  • Complete the director’s list, Partners, and properties with other required details
  • Proofs of Address and Director ID proof, Proprieties, partners
  • Partnership deed, or Business MOA and AOA
  •  layout plan or Blueprint  of the processing unit of food
  • Form IX members’ nomination by the company advised by board resolutions.
  • Authority letter prepared by the manufacturer
  • For Food Manufacturer — Food category complete list
  • Name and machinery details and production installed equipment in the processing and production unit
  • A Canceled Cheque
  • A Proof of Possession For Central License  — The bill of electricity, sale deed, etc
  • For a Central License — A certificate from the Ministry of Commerce is needed
  • For Central License — EU documents which are granted by DGFT 
  • For Central License — Documents regarding business turnover proof.

Procedure of Steps For Food License Renewal

Step 1: The first and most important step of FSSAI License renewal is to complete Form A (Basic FSSAI Registration Form) or Form B (Central or State FSSAI Registration Form) including the previous license and self-attested essential documents as per guidelines and rules of the Food Safety and Standards Act laws.

Step 2: After this, To the concerned authority  FSSAI License renewals filed application is submitted which will inspect the submitted application

Step 3: The authority will further forward it to the officers who are responsible for leading the verification of the food business operators.

Step 4: The authorized FSSAI officials do a thorough investigation and inspection of the place of the food business, inspect the guidelines and standards of your food business, and draft theirs. 

Step 5: Then the FSSAI/ Food license will be given by the concerned authority under a 60-day period of time.

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