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How To Get MeTV on Roku?




Everyone has that one show or movie that remains our favorite no matter how old we grow up. Whether it’s a show that you watched for the first time with your grandmother because it was her favorite or it’s a show that you accidentally came across one day through TikTok, we all seek comfort in our favorite shows that become classics for us. 

What is MeTV? 

In the 1950s and the 1990s, there was an app called MeTV that broadcasted a wide range of shows, loved by a huge audience. The tradition was passed on, creating the next generation who still find MeTV shows comforting and entertaining despite being so old. 

If you’re one of those people who still love watching MeTV shows but can’t find a trusted source to access them, then you’re in the right place. Let’s dive deep into the world of nostalgia and find out how to watch metv on roku

How to watch MeTV shows on Roku? 

Unfortunately, there’s no official MeTV app on the Roku Channel Store. However, Roku users can still stream MeTV shows on Roku using a few workarounds. 

What is Frndly TV? 

Instead of looking for the MeTV app on the Roku Channel Store, try to locate Frndly TV. It is a channel available on the Roku Channel Store and offers a wide range of shows, movies, and programs including many of the MeTV shows. 

How do you watch MeTV shows on Roku using Frndly TV? 

If you’ve already subscribed to Frndly TV, you can easily access metv on roku for free. However, if you don’t have a FrndlyTV subscription then you’re required to purchase it. The paid subscription for Frndly TV is available at only $6.99 per month. 

Once you’re subscribed to Frndly TV, here’s how you can add it to your Roku device. 

  • Navigate to the homepage of your Roku device.
  • As you scroll down the screen, tap on the “Streaming Channels” tab.
  • On the search bar, type “Frndly TV” 
  • Once it appears on the screen, select it and tap on “Add Channel”.
  • Download it and install it on your Roku device home screen. Once it’s installed, you can enjoy your MeTV shows on Frndly TV for free. 

Alternative Streaming Channels to Access MeTV Shows 

  • Philo TV (paid) 
  • Pluto TV (free) 
  • TUBI- Free Movies & TV (free) 
  • FREEVEE (Free) 
  • PEACOCK (Free) 

Some of the shows that you can watch for free on these channels are:

  • Batman
  • Dragnet
  • The Andy Griffith Show
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show
  • The Honeymooners

Apart from these, there is a wide range of shows available on these channels which can be easily accessed on your Roku device from anywhere with an internet connection. 

How to find MeTV shows across multiple channels on Roku? 

  • On the home screen of your Roku device, locate the search bar.
  • Type the name of the MeTV show you want to watch using the on-screen keyboard or voice control.
  • Once the result appears, choose the free channel from the provided channels on which the show is available. 

To conclude, Roku can be your ultimate destination if you want to rewatch your favorite MeTV shows. The process to access me tv on roku is straightforward and convenient to follow using the simple steps mentioned in the article.
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