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Is There Windows 12 Coming



There have been reports suggesting that Microsoft is getting ready to release a new operating system. The OS is expected to be called Windows 12 and may arrive in 2024. Previously, the company has released major versions of its operating system every three years. The last major release was Windows 10, which was released in 2021. With the announcement of Windows 12, it could be that the company is aiming to stick to the same update schedule moving forward.

A number of sites have speculated that the OS will be renamed to 12 because it is the next major version after 10. However, some are skeptical as Microsoft might decide to skip a number and simply release an updated version of Windows 11.

Redesigned Desktop and Laptop Interfaces

The new operating system is expected to introduce several key features that would make the platform more user-friendly. These include a redesign of the desktop and laptop interfaces. These new UIs are designed to make the platforms easier to navigate for first-time users and those who use them on a daily basis. The updated UIs are also supposed to improve performance on older PCs, which is something many users have been asking for.

Redesigned Taskbar

Other key features that could be included in Windows 12 include a redesigned taskbar and a pill-shaped search bar in the top-center of the screen. These new elements are said to be inspired by the Dynamic Island UI found on Apple’s iPhones and MacBooks. According to a video that was recently posted by link, these changes are part of its effort to “reimagine the PC experience for the way we work and play today”.

Resilient File System (ReFS)

Another change that is likely in the works is support for the Resilient File System (ReFS). This file system is meant to meet modern storage needs and overcome some of the limitations of the NTFS file system. It is expected to be included in Windows 12, which will allow it to replace NTFS as the default operating system file format.

Improved Support for Gaming

It is also possible that the new operating system will have improved support for gaming. This will likely include the ability to quickly put games into sleep mode and resume them. A new DirectX API is also in the works, which should make it easier for developers to implement various advanced graphics functions like ray tracing and supersampling.

Those who want to test out some of the potential features that could be included in the operating system can do so by signing up for the Windows Insider program and using the Canary channel. However, these builds are not bug-free and should not be used as a primary operating system. If the OS is made available to the general public, it is likely that it will require a valid license in order to install. More details on this will be provided when the software is released. However, it is likely that most existing devices will be able to upgrade to the new version.

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