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Make 10X Sales This Festive Season With WhatsApp Marketing



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For every business, the festive season is a time to make massive sales. To make the most of this opportunity, use WhatsApp marketing. WhatsApp Marketing is a conversational marketing strategy that allows brands to promote products on the platform by engaging with customers in two-way conversations. Here’s how you can implement this strategy this festive season:.

1. Create a resonating brand persona

Knowing your buyer persona is critical to crafting the right digital marketing strategy. For example, Maggi created a WhatsApp campaign to help customers with their culinary journey through a virtual cooking instructor.

Another example is Flipkart’s Kaun Banega Crorepati-inspired campaign to build hype around their Big Billion Days sale. This type of personalized messaging adds value and encourages engagement with your business.

2. Send timely announcements

During the festive season, customers have questions about product sizes, returns, refunds, and discounts. Responding to these queries is critical. Leverage DoubleTick’s WhatsApp Business API to automate customer support and ensure a swift, reliable experience.

Send automated messages based on customers’ shopping history, cart abandonment patterns, wish-listed items, etc. Tailored, personalized notifications increase conversion rates and sales. This also drives a sense of urgency.

3. Retarget customers

Leverage WhatsApp retargeting ads to bring back customers who add items to cart but don’t complete purchases. Provide them with exclusive discounts or free shipping to encourage their re-engagement.

Send timely reminders to keep your festive offers top-of-mind. Categorize your customer base based on demographics, past purchase patterns, or campaign interactions to craft personalized messages that resonate more and drive conversions.

4. Create urgency

WhatsApp’s fast communication, streamlined customer service, and high security provide a powerful platform for your business. Couple this with WhatsApp Business’ product catalog and permission-based messaging, and you can see a revenue boost from customers who have already given you their opt-ins.

Run a flash sale exclusively on WhatsApp to create urgency and reward subscribers with exclusive deals. This will encourage impulse loyal buyers to complete their purchases.

5. Offer direct WhatsApp checkout links

E-commerce brands can use WhatsApp to maximize marketing efforts and digital ad spend through an automated messaging strategy that delivers cart reminders, restock alerts, order updates and more. Message-to-chat tools like DoubleTick’s List Messages and Reply Buttons morph one-way messages into dynamic exchanges, elevating engagement.

During your festive sale, give subscribers shipping updates via WhatsApp. This helps reduce their anxiety and entices them to shop more.

6. Create interactive consumption experiences

WhatsApp Marketing offers a range of opportunities to engage with audiences on a platform they’re familiar with. These strategies can be powerful individually, but they’re truly transformative when used as part of a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Omay Foods embedded a WhatsApp ‘click to chat’ button on their website and earned 5X more customer inquiries via WhatsApp compared to their email contact channel.

7. Leverage mini-games

A well-oiled WhatsApp marketing machine yields remarkable results for businesses across industries. Boosted engagement, increased click-through rates, raised ROI and boosted revenue are some of the many benefits of this effective marketing strategy.

With the help of DoubleTick’s messaging analytics, brands can monitor broadcast metrics and track performance in real time. This enables them to make informed, data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

8. Offer exclusive discounts

WhatsApp’s immense user base and direct communication channel gives businesses a unique advantage to boost sales during the festive season. With features like DoubleTick, WhatsApp Marketing enables businesses to create highly personalized customer interactions and boost sales.

Launch GB WhatsApp APK countdown campaigns to build anticipation and exclusivity. This will prompt quicker purchase decisions from your subscribers and increase sales during the festive season.

9. Offer free shipping

During the festive season, customers are in a mood to spend. Give them what they want and keep them coming back with offers and rewards.

Ensure your enticing offers are visible to shoppers by making them readily available on WhatsApp. Leverage the power of analytics and categorize your audience by regions and dialects for a personalized experience.

10. Launch countdown campaigns

The peak shopping period of Black Friday and Cyber Week offers an excellent opportunity to grow a new channel by offering customers exclusive access to deals and sales. Build a list by incorporating WhatsApp as an opt-in point on your website.

Use WhatsApp to proactively share your return, exchange, and refund policies, ensuring worry-free purchases for your loyal customers. Categorize your audience based on demographics, their previous purchase patterns or campaign interactions to craft tailored messages that resonate more.

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