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Materials And Printings Used For Custom Muffin Boxes



Materials And Printings Used For Custom Muffin Boxes

Muffins are comparatively more stable than cupcakes because they do not contain any frosting that can be damaged. Still, muffins need quality packaging that can elegantly present your baked goods to the customers. Using custom muffin boxes bakeries can excellently present the muffins to the customers.

However, there are plenty of materials available in the market from which you can make muffin boxes. In the same way, to design the boxes a variety of printing techniques are present. In this article, we will discuss the best raw materials that you can use for the manufacturing of custom muffin boxes wholesale.

Types Of Materials

Whenever a company or a retail shop starts selecting the packaging the first thing that they decide is the raw material. The durability of raw materials is the first priority of everyone. But with the abundance of choices, it becomes difficult for companies to select the best for their custom muffin packaging boxes wholesale. But don’t worry, below we will discuss some of the best materials for bakery items.

  • Bux Board

Bux board is among the low-quality packaging material but it has sufficient thickness to protect the muffins. If you have a low budget then it is an ideal material to save money because among all paper-based material bux boards are the most inexpensive ones.

You can design it as per your requirement or the theme of your bakery. Most of the small bakeries or home-based bakers use bux boards for custom printed muffin boxes because it gives them relief from the large manufacturing costs of packaging.

  • Cardboard

The material that comes second in durability is the cardboard material. Its recyclability makes it economical and reliable for bakeries. Besides its inexpensive nature, cardboard is very sturdy that protects soft muffins from losing their shape.

You can use cardboard material to keep your muffin secure during transit so that your costumes can get the best product from your bakery.

  • Kraft Paper

Many custom muffin boxes USA are made from kraft material. The main reason for its use is that this material is 100 % eco-friendly. As people are highly attracted to products and packaging that are eco-friendly. That is why it will prove beneficial for you to use Kraft to pack muffins.

When a large number of customers will select your product, the net sales of your company will increase consequently you will enjoy high sales.

  • Corrugation

The demand for online bakeries has increased. People feel more comfortable ordering from home than going to the bakers and selecting their products. But in the delivery of products to longer distances, the chances of product damage are quite high.

Therefore a corrugated material for custom muffin boxes is an ideal choice to protect muffins during transit. This material has flutes that prevent collapsing of the boxes hence inhibiting damage to the product.

Types Of Printings

After material, the second thing about which companies are concerned is the printing on the boxes. Printings are required to elevate the look of the packaging. Whether you have to pack bakery products or need personalized popcorn boxes, printing is necessary.

  • Screen Printings

Screen printing is a manual process and gives an attractive look to the boxes. But this process is a bit slow and is not recommended when a large order in minimum time is required. However, it is perfectly useful for a minimalist design on the boxes.

  • Digital Printing

The second printing method that you can use for your custom muffin boxes wholesale is digital printing. This method is the simplest and designs in digital form are printed on the boxes without the use of printing plates.

  • Offset Printing

The third and most widely used printing method is offset printing. This method is popular owing to its economical nature. Not only this offset printing is the fastest method to print the boxes and also gives sharp images.

Essential Printed Details On The Muffin Boxes

You can print your muffin product boxes with vital information that play a key role in educating customers about the product and the bakery brand. These details can include logo of the company, brand’s name with storyline, special quote, social media profile page links, and promotional details like discount offer. These details reveal the professionalism and customer-care of food brands to people. In addition, you also can embellish your cardboard made muffin wholesale boxes with catchy finishes and different add-ons like box inserts. These custom insert separate multiple muffin products in the box and protect them from their internal clashes in the same box.

Final Words!

In this blog we have discussed some of the popular and economical packaging materials to manufacture custom muffin boxes. Owing to the high demand for eco-friendly packaging a kraft material is the ideal choice. But you can also use other types of packaging material like corrugated, cardstock, bux board, etc.

On the other hand, for box designing you can use different printing methods that can elevate the look of your packaging and help you to attract customers.

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