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Process of ordering Custom printed shirts as required



 To avoid the situation of contacting us to order custom-printed shirts close to the departure date , causing the printing factory to not be able to produce them promptly and carefully. In the article below, Tshirt printing Dallas would like to guide you through the detailed steps in the process of ordering printed shirts so you can proactively prepare. As well as making specific plans to ensure the desired progress.

Introducing the service of ordering printed shirts on demand

Currently, in fashion items, t-shirts using printing technology  are extremely popular. The demand is great, diverse in activities and suitable for all subjects and all ages. 

Choosing the service of ordering printed shirts on demand, the production unit will receive the customer’s design and requirements and proceed with processing. Bringing users unique and stylish products to preserve memories or do business. You can provide a printed sample or if not, you can order the design directly at the factory.

With the on-demand t-shirt printing service, you will save significant time and production costs. Just cooperate with a printing factory, state your desired requirements and service agreement between both parties. In addition, most printing factories have designs available and you can choose if needed.

Currently, more and more individuals, businesses, and fashion brands are looking for and using printed shirt ordering services. This has led to the emergence of establishments specializing in ordering custom-printed shirts on a popular basis on different large and small scales.

Process of ordering custom printed shirts at ThunVietJSC

The process of receiving custom t-shirt printing orders from customers at ThunVietJSC goes through many steps. However, it does not take much time because each process is handled by a separate department. At the same time, machinery and raw materials are always available.

Step 1: Customers send a request to order printed shirts as required

You must determine some basic information that you intend to order t-shirt printing , specifically as follows:

  • Style: collared or collarless t-shirt, round neck or heart neck t-shirt… If you already have a shirt, you don’t need it.
  • Color: what color shirt do you want, one color shirt or mixed colors?
  • Print design on shirt. You should prepare images in advance designed with specialized software such as Photoshop or AI. If you don’t have a design yet, we are ready to assist you.
  • Determine the number of print positions on the shirt.
  • Each printing technology will have its own advantages and effects. Estimated number of orders for t-shirt printing 

From the above information, the staff at Tshirt printing Dallas will provide detailed advice on printing technology and design support. Then we will quote a specific price and estimated completion time.

This is an important step and takes a lot of time as well as deciding whether to order shirt printing or not. Therefore, please consider and prepare carefully.

Step 2: The printing workshop conducts test printing

For most quantity orders, we conduct test printing. Make sure the image printed on the shirt matches the customer’s wishes. As well as being able to choose the most suitable printing technology.

Proof printing helps minimize errors while reducing costs incurred during the printing process. This is an indispensable step when ordering custom printed shirts at ThunVietJSC

Step 3: Sign a contract to order printed shirts as required

To give customers peace of mind, we provide a contract with full terms and clear signatures of both parties. Ensure the rights and obligations of both parties in the service of ordering printed shirts on demand.

Step 4: Start production and order printed shirts according to quantity requirements

Throughout the production period, we continuously monitor orders to ensure compliance with the set quality and time.

Step 5: Pack the product

After the t-shirt printing service is completed, the product will be neatly arranged and carefully packaged before being delivered to the customer.

Step 6: Delivery and payment for printed shirt ordering service 

We have 2 delivery methods:

  • You can receive goods directly at the store: No. 22, Lane 120 Yen Lang, Dong Da, Hanoi.
  • We deliver to your door.

Some requirements for the service of ordering printed shirts on demand

Below are some of the requirements of a business, service of printing classroom shirts on demand, ordering printed shirts on demand:

  • You should choose good and durable materials for long-term use. The fabric has the ability to absorb sweat, providing a comfortable feeling.
  • The color printed on the shirt must be clear, not misprinted, blurred, unclearly printed or the paint color can easily fade when washed.
  • Production time is quick, meeting the large quantities required by customers.
  • Consultants answer all customer questions thoughtfully and enthusiastically.

Above are the simple and quick steps to order custom printed shirts. If you have any questions or need advice, you can contact Tshirt printing Dallas to be served as soon as possible. We are completely confident and affirm that we can meet all customer requirements and are ready to bring the best quality products.

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