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Puzzle Power: Boosting Business with Escape Room Bookings



Boosting Business with Escape Room Bookings

Are you losing your escape room business to ineffective booking processes?

Do you want to amp up the booking process for your escape rooms?

Tired of an unoptimized escape room workflow?

If your answer to any or all of these questions was yes, then this article is for you! We discuss the challenges faced by escape room business owners due to ineffective booking and scheduling processes and how they can navigate through these hurdles to drive business growth. Let’s get started!

Escape rooms are a new trend in entertainment for today’s generation. They offer fun plays, games, and escape scenarios that today’s young minds are most excited about. Escape rooms are a way of escaping from reality to connect back to your childish self.

Did you know that Xola’s 2019 Escape Room Industry Report stated that the average US-based escape room location generated $317,571? This proves that escape room businesses are lucrative and have a great scope for growth. So, if you are looking to start your escape room business or already own one, now is the perfect time to take action!

We gotta admit that starting and managing an escape room business is no less than a bumpy ride. From managing bookings and schedules to coming up with extremely fun ideas, escape room owners and managers have a lot of work to do. But is there anything that can ease their workflow? Yes! Thanks to technology, the automation of booking and scheduling processes can save loads of time for escape room owners and managers.

Let’s see how efficient booking and scheduling processes help escape room businesses.

Efficient Escape Room Bookings and Scheduling

Booking and scheduling processes play an important role in escape room businesses. If customers find the booking process too long and inconvenient, it takes them no time to sway away and turn towards your competitors. In fact, your customers do prefer an effective booking process that does not take much time and gets the work done in a few clicks.

Offering an efficient service booking process is as important as providing an outstanding escape room experience. In the modern era, people prefer automation in every aspect of businesses, including online booking. It is easier for them to book services and appointments using their smart devices. Hence, Escape Room businesses need to integrate business automation tools to level up their business, provide seamless booking services, and optimize their workflow.

Efficient Booking Process

Escape room businesses must provide an effective and efficient booking process that helps improve business growth and also drives traffic. Picktime is one such platform that can streamline the booking process and the administrative workflow, making it easy to manage the booking and scheduling for both customers and the escape room admin. It is a web-based escape rooms scheduling software that offers features that are reliable and effective.

Picktime is designed for escape room businesses to provide the best booking services and enhance the customer experience. From online booking, automated scheduling, automated reminders, payment management, team management, customer database, and more, Picktime offers everything under one roof. No more juggling between too many applications!

Picktime automatically schedules bookings in your calendar and updates your teammates regarding the same. It provides 24/7 escape room bookings so that your customers can book your services and packages at any time of the day (or night!). It offers a free booking URL that can be used by your customers to book your services. Don’t worry about the details of customers or bookings, as they are automatically updated in the database and bookings are scheduled, all without human intervention.

Tired of no-shows or cancellations? Not with Picktime! It sends automated emails of confirmation, modifications, reminders, and cancellations to your customers as well as your team, so no one is late for the show! Additionally, the team management feature automatically assigns tasks to your staff based on availability and allows managers to track the progress of each team member.

With Picktime, escape room businesses can now incorporate technology without interrupting their current workflow. Eliminate the problem of tedious pen-and-paper booking and scheduling processes to drive business growth using Picktime.

Have a look at the benefits of an efficient escape room booking system to understand how it can leverage the business.

Benefits of Escape Room Bookings Platforms

Saves time

Automation tools are a boon for every business. They save time in many ways, allowing escape room owners and managers to focus on providing exceptional services. As most of the booking and scheduling processes are handled by platforms and tools, more time can be spent on actually growing the business. Saving time automatically helps focus on areas of development to improve business processes and hit business goals.

Manage multiple locations of your business

Efficient booking and scheduling platforms like Picktime offer multiple location access features that are built-in to the platform. If you own a chain of escape rooms at different locations, you do not have to make multiple accounts to manage each escape room bookings. It provides access to manage multiple locations using one account, one platform. Business management of multiple business locations gets easier with Picktime.

Improves accuracy

Business automation tools manage most of the tasks automatically and provide accurate results. Unlike manual administrative tasks, it can perform work faster and better. Manually taking the bookings and scheduling them can be tedious and increases the chances of errors and conflicts that can cause serious damage to the growth of your business.

Easy payment management

Customers nowadays prefer online payments as they are more convenient than cash transactions. Escape room businesses must incorporate business automation tools that provide payment management features to eliminate the hassle of payment delays and cash transactions. Online payments are convenient as well as provide social proof of the payment. It gets easier for escape room businesses to manage payments and analyze the generated revenue.


With the changing times, escape room businesses too must adapt to the changing environment to leverage their business growth. Effective booking and scheduling processes are crucial to enhance customer experience and eventually improve business profits. Check out Picktime to make the booking and scheduling process hassle-free.

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