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What Are The Requirements For Luxembourg Schengen Visa



Requirements For Luxembourg Schengen Visa

Luxembourg is small but is amongst the wealthiest countries in Europe. Therefore many people visit this place annually. You may need a schengen luxembourg visa if you want to explore this tiny country.

Luxembourg Visa Requirements Of Documents

To apply for the Luxembourg visa, you must have to submit the following documents at the nearest embassy or the consulate in your home country:

A Valid Passport

Passport must be valid and in good condition with at least two blank pages for visa stamp. The passport must be 10 years old, and it must include a copy of any other previous visa(if applicable)


Two passport sized photographs according to the schengen photo guidelines like white background, and colored.

Application Form

Complete the application form online and print its hardcopy and sign it. Fill out the form with all the correct information, as false information may lead to visa rejection.

Schengen Travel Medical Insurance

You must have a valid travel insurance for your visa application to Luxembourg. It has coverage of 30,000 EUR for any medical emergencies to meet the hospital expenses, or funeral expenses in case death.

Visa Fee

Pay the visa fee, which is different for different age groups. Make sure to attach the fee receipt along with the application form.

Cover Letter

You must have a brief cover letter of no more than 2 pages which explains your purpose of visit to the country, duration of your stay in the country, places you plan to visit in the country.

Accommodation Proof

Embassy will ask to provide the documents showing your proof of accommodation in luxembourg. This document can be hotel reservation, or an invitation letter from any friend or family who want you to stay with them at their place. 

Invitation Letter

Invitation letter is mainly written by the friend or famly inviting for the stay at their place in Luxembourg.

Financial Statement

Submit the bank statement of last 6 months, to prove that you can easily afford your all expenses easily during your stay at luxembourg.

Flight Itinerary

Flight itinerary for visa application is very essential part of visa processing. Embassy officials ask for this during your interview.

Biometric Data

Embassy may ask you the biometric data if necessary.

In Case Of Minors

Under-18 applicants are required to submit the following additional requirements:

  • Birth certificate copy
  • Adoption documents are necessary if the minor applicant is adopted.
  • If the parents of the minor applicant are divorced, divorce documents are required.
  • If the parents of the juvenile applicant are deceased, death certificates are required.
  • Consent letter from each parent or legal guardian
  • Copies of the original passports of both parents or guardians


In case of any missing documents may lead to visa refusal.

Luxembourg Visa Fees

The Luxembourg visa fees are as follows according to the type of visa:

Airport Transit Visa            €80
Short-Stay (Schengen) Visa   €80
Long-Stay (National) Visa  €50

Difference Between Luxembourg Short Stay Visa And Long Stay Visa

  • A short stay visa is only 90 days, while an extended stay visa is 180 days.
  • A short-stay visa is issued for: business meetings, tourism, family visits,etc, while long stay visa is for investment, family reunion and work etc.
  • You cannot apply for a temporary residence permit with a short-stay visa. When your visa expires, you must leave Luxembourg while With a long-stay visa, you’re eligible to apply for a temporary residence permit that effectively grants you indefinite leave to remain in Luxembourg. 

Luxembourg Visa Processing Time

Luxembourg visa takes almost 15 days to process. The processing time begins whe you submit the documents to the embassy/consulate. However, in some cases, the processing time may increase to 15 to 60 days due to any kind of complications in the application, like follows:

  • A large number of applications
  • If any document is missing
  • The time you apply (holidays or summertime)

What To Do If The Visa Application Is Refused?

If your application is rejected, then you have the following options:

  • Appeal the decision: write a letter of appeal to the embassy/consolute that rejected your visa
  • Reapply: you can reapply for the visa one or more times
  • Apply for another schengen zone country: If your visa for one country is rejected then you can apply for the other schengen country visa and can vist luxembourg.

How To Apply For A Luxembourg Visa: Steps

There are the following steps to follow when you want to apply for the visa:

Step 1: First of all determine your purpose of visiting Luxembourg, your purpose of visit will make you determine the type of visa you want.

Step 2: Also determine how many entries you need to travel to Luxembourg or schengen country

Step 3: Collect and organize all your documents including dummy ticket for schengen visa, cover letter, invitation letter, passport and NOC.

Step 4: search for the nearest embassy or consulate and apply for the appointment at that embassy. Embassy will inform you regarding the time and date of the appointment via email.

Step 5: download the application form for a schengen visa online. Fill it completely and correctly with all the true information regarding you. Any false information may result in the rejection or cancellation of the visa. Different Luxembourg Consulates provide different ways of submitting your application. Visit your selected consulate’s website to determine how to submit your application.

Step 6: pay the visa fee and keep the receipt.

Step 7: submit your application at least 15 days before traveling. When you sumit the application then you many be asked to provide the biometric data. Children under 12 are likely excused from having their fingerprints taken. If you have already supplied fingerprints (within the last 59 months), you will likely not need to do so again.

Step 8: Complete the necessary actions and then wait for a response. After two weeks, the embassy or consulate to whom you sent your paperwork will respond. It may take a little longer than usual sometimes.

Remember that after application submission, you will be invited for a personal interview to provide additional information/materials regarding your trip.