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St Andrews is a famous golf destination in Scotland known for its prestigious university and medieval streets. It is a beautiful town that is easy to reach from Edinburgh International Airport, or EDI. You can take a Taxi, Shuttle bus or Train to reach this historic city.

Airlink (Service 100) buses leave from directly outside domestic arrivals; tickets can be purchased at the kiosk, on board or online. It takes about 30 minutes to reach Waverley Bridge in the city centre.


Whether you’re travelling to St Andrews for a golfing vacation or to visit the University, there are a variety of transportation options available. These services include bus services, airport shuttles and taxis. If you’re looking for a fast, convenient and cost-effective way to get from the airport to St Andrews, a taxi is an excellent option. These services offer 24/7 door-to-door service and are easily accessible from the airport. In addition, they are more comfortable and secure than other transportation methods.

Taxis can be found outside the airport terminals and are licensed to carry up to three passengers. St Andrews Airport Transfer also provide baggage assistance, making them a good choice for families and groups of travellers. Most of them are equipped with GPS systems and will track your flight to ensure a timely pickup. They also offer a number of payment options, including cash and credit cards. They are available in a wide range of sizes and are equipped to handle any luggage load.

The most popular way to get from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrews is by taking a taxi. However, this option can be expensive and may not always be available early in the morning or late at night. Alternatively, you can take the Airlink (Service 100) bus from the airport to Edinburgh Waverley and then catch the train to Leuchars station. This takes about 30 minutes and costs between 7-9 euros.

Another option is to use a St Andrews shuttle service, which offers shared rides between the airport and your hotel or hall of residence. However, these services have some drawbacks, including set departure times that may not align with your schedule and the need to share a vehicle with other people. Lastly, you can also take a bus from the airport to St Andrews, but this will require two buses and can be time-consuming.

Shuttle bus

If you’re traveling to St Andrews on a budget, you might want to consider renting a shuttle bus. It’s a good option for large groups of people, as it can accommodate up to 50 passengers and is more affordable than a taxi. However, it is important to check the shuttle bus schedule before booking your trip. Some companies offer a 24-hour service, while others only operate during specific hours.

To get to St Andrews from Taxi to Edinburgh Airport, you can take the Airlink (Service 100) bus directly from the domestic arrivals. Tickets can be bought at the Airlink kiosk or on board the bus, and they are also available online at the Lothian Buses website. The bus will take you to Waverley station in the city centre, and from there, you can catch a train to Leuchars, which is the closest stop to St Andrews. The train tickets cost between 7-9EUR and take about an hour to get to the city.

Another way to travel from EDI to St Andrews is to take the 747 Airport bus from Stance G at the airport and transfer to the Stagecoach X24 or X59 bus to reach St Andrews. This route is very convenient, but it can be a little time-consuming. If you’re traveling with a group of friends, this might be your best option.

If you prefer a more environmentally friendly and scenic option, you can take the National Route number 1, which runs from Edinburgh to St Andrews. This is a beautiful route that passes through the Fife countryside and features beautiful coastlines and medieval castles. The National Route also connects St Andrews with the other major cities in Scotland, including Aberdeen and Dundee.

The most common way to travel from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrews is by car, which is the fastest and most comfortable option. There are several rental car agencies at the airport, and they offer competitive rates. Some even have a special price for students. In addition, they provide free WiFi for their customers. You can also book a rental car in advance through an online reservation system, which is convenient and easy to use.


Whether you’re coming to St Andrews for a golfing holiday, a visit to the university, or just to enjoy the beautiful scenery, it’s important to plan how you will get from the airport to your accommodation. There are a variety of options available, including airport shuttle services and private taxis. Choosing the best option will depend on your budget and travel needs.

If you’re travelling to St Andrews from Glasgow or Edinburgh, the easiest way is to take a train. The trains from both airports are quick and easy to reach, and they’ll drop you right at your hotel door. You can buy tickets in advance using the Transport for Edinburgh app or on board the train. Just remember that the trains run less frequently at night, so you may need to book a taxi if you’re arriving late.

In addition to the train, there are also a number of bus routes from the airport that can get you to St Andrews. The Airlink 100 route departs directly from the airport and runs 24 hours a day. It costs around PS15 to get to Waverley Bridge in the city centre, and the journey will take about 30 minutes. You can purchase tickets at the Airlink kiosk or onboard the bus, and you can also buy them in advance from the Lothian Buses website.

You can also take the 747 Airport bus from Stance G outside the airport to Halbeath Park and Ride, and then transfer to the Stagecoach X24 or X59 bus to St Andrews. The buses normally take no more than two hours to reach St Andrews. If you’re planning to use this service often, consider purchasing a National Railcard to save money on your trips.

Another option is to take a tram from the airport to the city centre, which takes about 15 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the tram ticket machines or through the Transport for Edinburgh mobile app, and you can use contactless cards or cash to pay your fare. You can also purchase a tram season ticket, which is valid for all modes of transport in Edinburgh and Fife.

Private car

St Andrews is a picturesque coastal town in Fife, Scotland that is famous for its world-famous golf courses. It is also home to a historic university and charming medieval streets, making it a popular destination for travellers. If you’re planning on visiting the Fife town, you’ll want to make sure that you have a convenient means of transportation from the airport. There are several options available, including shared shuttle buses, taxis, and private car services.

Shared shuttle buses are a good choice for travellers who want to save money and time. However, they have their downsides, such as limited seating capacity and set departure times that may not align with your schedule. In addition, they often require multiple stops on the way to St Andrews.

Taxis are another option, but they can be expensive if you’re travelling with a large group of people. Luckily, you can save time and money by pre-booking a St Andrews Airport Transfer service. By booking your airport transfer online, you can avoid the stress of navigating a new city and have peace of mind knowing that your airport shuttle or taxi will be waiting for you at a fare that suits your budget.

When you book your private transfer, be sure to check the confirmation email for exact meeting point instructions. Most pick up points are located in the arrivals area of the airport, train station, or cruise port. You can also ask your hotel to arrange a pickup for you, which will save you time and hassle.

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