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Stylish Banana Republic Eyeglasses for Your Wedding Dress



Banana Republic Eyeglasses

Finally, you’re married. If there was ever a time when you would indeed have the world’s attention on you, this is it; it’s the day of your life! You must look your best because everyone will be there, including relatives, close friends, and the person with whom you’re about to enjoy the rest of your life.

Having the ideal glasses or bridal eyewear to match your wedding gown or suit would be best. But how can you pick out wedding eyewear to wear? Continue reading for suggestions on eyewear to match your dress for the happiest day of your life.

Brides with Banana Republic eyeglasses

The frame designs of Banana Republic eyeglasses are premium quality and timeless. The most pleasing thing is that you can choose as many pairs of Banana Republic glasses as you like, which is nice! Therefore, even if you struggle to decide on just one pair of wedding eyewear before the big day, why not get several pairs of banana eyewear and try them on first? You don’t need to worry about a pair of eyeglasses from the wedding checklist.

How to wear Banana Republic glasses at a wedding?

Bridal eyewear should naturally go with your dress or wedding gown. Consider your clothing choices, accessories, eyewear, and how everything will come together on the big day. Do you prefer a minor distinction in your banana republic eyeglasses frames, or do you like them to match the colors you’re dressed in?

Will you make a huge fashion statement to look different or keep it classy and understated? When looking for wedding eyewear, keep these aspects in mind. Let’s find the best eyeglasses option for your wedding outfit to look rock on your day.


A traditionally beautiful A-Line dress goes well with almost anything. A warm, adaptable tortoiseshell frame can suit your style, regardless of your wedding’s theme. Chestnut and ochre stripes add just the right flare to draw attention to any eye color and go great with any wedding color scheme. We suggest the following items to complement an A-Line’s sleek refinement.

  • Try glossy tortoiseshell BANANA REPUBLIC KIMIA frames with Olive Green Mus flecks.
  • You can also try glistening BANANA REPUBLIC CRISSY Black Crystal frames with sleek rounded edges.
  • If you’d instead remain with the transparent color scheme, BANANA REPUBLIC BR 206 rounded edges frames in Aqua Crystal and dark Havana temples may become your new favorite.


The beauty of mermaid gowns makes them ideal for women with an attraction for the theatrical. What could go better than browline banana republic frames with this retro silhouette? This playful form gives a beautiful outfit even more mid-century appeal. The strength of your eyewear statement will depend on the following:

  • Try an understated browline BANANA REPUBLIC BR 205 frame in Matte Teal.
  • Something more striking BANANA REPUBLIC BR 205 vivid Matte Burgundy frames with flecks of other colors.


Everyone wishes to feel like a princess on their big day. This dress design keeps a bride in the limelight because it is elegant and stunning. With a dress as eye-catching, we advise choosing a frame that recalls the lightness of a princess attire, like a straightforward, circular frame in a light color.

  • A cat-eye BANANA REPUBLIC BR 201 frame with a Matte Purple Violet color will draw attention to your clothing.
  • The tiny stainless steel BANANA REPUBLIC LEELA
  • frames with corner embellishments are ideal for adding a slight accent to your wedding look.


Shift dresses offer a simple, linear style that can be effortlessly dressed up with an appealing frame. Besides, shift dresses encourage more playful accessorizing than a lengthier gown might because of its more laid-back mood. Try adding a splash of color to enhance your shape. To produce an even more stylish and unforgettable appearance, match your banana republic glasses frames to your wedding’s color scheme.

  • Try Vintage Crystal BANANA REPUBLIC DEXTER frames.
  • The spherical, delicate, and striking BANANA REPUBLIC BR 203 frames are Brown Pink for summer.

Since shift dresses are versatile, you may choose one for almost any body type and stand out when you enter the church!

Final words

Glasses are the ideal way to express your personal style. With plenty of choices for frame color, style, and material, there’s always a way to complement your dream outfit with banana republic eyeglasses you’ll adore. For an outdoor marriage ceremony, these matching concepts also apply to sunnies! Which glasses would you pair with your bridal gown?

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