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Top 5 Mark Wahlberg Movies To Watch



Mark Wahlberg has proven that he can handle drama, as well as action movies. He is a talented actor who can make you laugh, and feel for his characters. He has a huge respect for the military and shows that in films like Patriots Day and Lone Survivor. However, he can also deliver a comedy like Daddy’s Home.

1. The Italian Job (2003)

Despite being a big action star who can kick down doors and crack a one-liner, Wahlberg has also proven that he’s an actor with a broad range of skills. He’s starred in Oscar-worthy dramas, Best Picture contenders and even made audiences laugh in comedies.

Revised from the original 1960s source material, The Italian Job fits smoothly into the Ocean’s Eleven mold of heist films. Its gang of thieves (including Green, Statham and Mos Def) is as entertaining as it is believable, with each member of the cast playing their paper-thin stereotypes well.

This is a rare heist flick that concentrates on the escape above the crime itself, and its thrilling car chase sequences through transit tunnels, drainage systems and LA streets are breathtaking. It’s also a reminder that, when done right, this type of movie still works.

2. Four Brothers (2005)

One of Wahlberg’s better family movies, this is an honest depiction of the highs and lows of fostering. It is also a welcome break from the action-packed films in which he generally specializes.

John Singleton re-teams with his Boogie Nights cast in this tale of four brothers who search for revenge after their mother is killed. It’s an evocative and gritty look at life in the ghetto and while it doesn’t rank with Singleton’s other work, there are a few good moments – notably from feisty lead Bobby Mercer.

Car chases, shootouts and a buffet of cliches make this another entertaining entry in the Wahlberg movie canon. But, despite a weak script, it’s largely carried by the chemistry between the quartet of unruly central characters. They are a joy to watch, especially Wahlberg’s teasing of Garrett Hedlund’s runt-of-the-litter brother.

3. The Other Guys (2010)

The Other Guys is one of Wahlberg’s early roles that really showcased his comedic abilities. It may be a bit of a Scorsese pastiche, but it is still an enjoyable movie to watch.

He has a love for military genre movies, and shows that off in this gruesome tale of four soldiers during Desert Storm who decide to rob a bank. It’s an entertaining gnula film that also features some great performances from George Clooney, Ice Cube, and Spike Jonze.

Wahlberg is a natural with these types of war films and gives another solid performance here as Sgt. Sean Dignam, a quick-talking man who always has an insult ready. He has good chemistry with his co-star Will Ferrell.

4. Patriots Day (2013)

The first film to close AFI’s 30th annual festival, Patriots Day is another solid entry in Wahlberg’s filmography. He stars in this Peter Berg drama about the Boston Marathon bombing as a cop who’s a composite of several real police officers that were on scene and helped hunt down Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

From sports movies like Boogie Nights to war movies such as Three Kings, Wahlberg has the range of roles that audiences appreciate. He really shines in military genre movies, as he has a deep respect for our armed forces and is able to deliver performances that leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

This movie also features a great supporting cast that includes George Clooney and Ice Cube. This is a funny take on the gold heist genre that has some serious social commentary about dehumanization in the military.

5. Traveller (2013)

While this Peter Jackson misfire wasn’t one of Wahlberg’s best films, he is a solid anchor in a cast of heavy hitters. He holds his own with the action, but isn’t necessarily the focus of this harrowing story of survivors in the wake of an oil rig disaster.

This solarmovie film combines the elements of a thriller, an action movie and even a drama into one intense movie. It is a great showcase for the talents of Wahlberg and also features an excellent performance from Ice Cube as well.

Wahlberg plays a loose-cannon cop who partners with a nerdy paper pusher (played by Will Ferrell) on a case. The chemistry between the two actors is what makes this over-the-top buddy comedy so good. The actors take their shticks to the max and it’s a blast.

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