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Ugly Swear Styling: Ideas To Use Embroidery Patches On Them




Tired of being dressed in rags? Oh, how much you want to look like those mods who adorn themselves with stylish clothes. Well, what can be done to pep up your wardrobe?

Nothing much can be done because you are a little short on cash, aren’t you? Well, we are glad that we can be of your service, as we have a magic bullet for this issue! Really, is that so?

Definitely, it is! So bid farewell to your boring clothes and spice things up a little by adding funky patches on your garments. Oh! That is an amazing idea!

So, feel free to personalize your everyday garments by using these custom add-ons. That is not all, we have also combined some creative ideas that you can use to jazz up your ugly articles of clothing. So, clutter up your wardrobe and read this blog!

Enhance Your Fashion Game By Putting Patches On Your Ugly Sweaters

Helps To Develop A Persona

Let your garments scream out your persona, by adding some patches that match well with your style. You can use personalized patches from any online UK embroidered patches store, and ask these expert embroiders to write your message or add any visual to it.

Say, for example, you are a food lover, the best way to tell people that you are always up for a nice dine-out, is by attaching loads of food-themed patches on your sweater. Be it a patch for a slice of pizza, chips, cola, burger, or ice cream, you can never go wrong with them. Oh, so tempting! Let the world know the never-ending love you carry for food. 

Best For Advertisement

Who said patches are just a mere piece of fabric? That is not true, because these add-ons can serve as mini billboards to advertise your brand. By having your business’s logo printed, carved, or embroidered on these fancy appliques, you can transform them into influential marks which embody a business’s very essence. Such patches can also convey your brand message effectively to a massive audience thus leaving an enduring impression on them. Amazing idea, no?

A lot of brands nowadays use them to authenticate their identity and make their brand statement. Therefore, there is no flicker of doubt that these custom patches serve as great marketing tools that convey a brand’s message efficiently with powerful visual elements. 

Support A Cause

Even though patches make great marketing tools, they make even great tools to support a cause. They work perfectly to focus light on various causes as well as charities, thus making them perfect for raising awareness. Now, you must be very well aware of the awareness ribbons. Luckily, you can use patches for the same purpose to deliver your message in a durable and versatile way.

For instance, a pink ribbon on a patch can be used to show support for the people combating breast cancer. Or you can use yellow ribbons or patches to show a family member is serving in the military. You can also search for “military patches near me” to get different military patches. Cool!

Ideal For Commemorations

These fancy appliques are ideal not only to support a cause or marketing purpose, but they are also ideal for commemorations. So, whether it is a company milestone, charity event, sports tournament, or any other event, these appliques serve as palpable reminders of special events.

These patches can be handed out to help prolong the memory of the event, given out as souvenirs, as well as used to strengthen bonds between the participants. These add-ons perfectly capture the spirit of any occasion and leave an enduring impression on the visitors.

Portray Sports Team Spirit

Are you a sportsperson? If yes, then there is no better way to style your ugly sweater than by scattering some sports patches on it. Whether you are into baseball, football, volleyball, cricket, or badminton, there is always a patch for you!

Get bright iron on patches for clothes of your favourite sports team and portray your team spirit boldly. Chances are you might make new friends who also support your favourite team. And what can be better than having a friend who matches the same energy as you do for the same team? It’s definitely a desire turned into a reality for many!

Boost Your Fashion Style

These fancy add-ons are a perfect way to kick-start your fashion game. Simply put some creative and fun patches on your ugly sweater and voila, you are all good to go! These versatile pieces add more to your ensemble than you can imagine.

The best part? You can always take them off if you get bored of the same patch and apply another one in its place. From pop icons to runway models including the iconic Kendall Jenner wearing patches sweaters casually and looking equally chic.

  • Can I reuse an embroidered patch?

Definitely! You can reuse patches whenever you want. You will have to carefully remove them from the article of clothing on which these are applied. If these patches were sewn on the fabric, then carefully cut the stitches to avoid damaging your fabric or patch. But, if you ironed them on, then you will have to reheat the patch for 10 seconds for the glue to become loose. Et voila! You can reuse them however you like.

  • What can I add embroidered patches to?

If you have been wanting you upgrade your wardrobe but do not have the $$$, then adding patches might be your chalkhorse. You can easily add them to your hat, tees, jeans, sneakers, jackets, and whatnot. These are a fun way to add flair to your everyday garments.

  • What is the best alternative to embroidered patches?

It might not be wrong to suggest that custom PVC patches are the best alternative to embroidered ones. Mainly due to the reason that these types are 3-D and a modern alternative to these classic patches. These flexible patches can be moulded to any shape.

  • How can I attach embroidered patches easily?

If you are no needle or thread expert, then ironing your patches on your garments is the easiest way to attach them. It is a quick method and makes your garment’s look shift from rags to riches in an instant. Iron-on add-ons are perfect to apply on cotton or denim fabric. However, it is advised not to use these fancy patches on leather material, because the heat might damage the material badly, and we don’t want that to happen, do we?

Summing It All Up

Now you see, these patches can make your garments go from rags to riches in just a couple of seconds. Amazing, right? So, get your hands on some artsy designs right now and jazz up your style. However, you must consider adding these patches on your tees, jeans, hats, bags, and shoes too. Because why stick to ugly sweaters when you can add them to numerous other places as well?