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Training Videos – Why Digital Business Needs Them?



Training Video

Training video production services specialize in creating videos for training (tutorial videos) for businesses. Not to mention, training or instructional videos are also a popular way to train employees. Moreover, you may also use the same video types for your digital business to effectively train your employees. It will eventually lead your online business to grow when your employees know how they can work efficiently.

Furthermore, investing in training or instructional videos does not require you to break the bank. You can cost-effectively create these videos, explainer videos, in particular, and engagingly convey information to your employees. Besides, the studies reveal that “the human brain processes visual information better than texts.” For this reason, you may leverage videos for training for your digital business and unlock growth with time.

Why Should You Leverage Training Videos for Your Digital Business?

Using videos for training offers diverse benefits to businesses. For instance, they are engaging, customizable, and cost less to create. You may also exploit training or tutorial videos for your online business. Moreover, we have mentioned below the reasons why you should use animated explainer (training) videos for your digital business.

1.     It Saves You Money and Resources

One of the biggest advantages of creating videos for training is that you can save money and resources. According to research, “businesses can save around 50-70 percent if they use online training videos rather than instructor-based videos for training.”

Moreover, you can save money using online videos to train your audience or employees because of the following facts:

  • You do not need to hire an instructor.
  • In addition, you do not need to buy materials for in-person training.
  • The cost ends once you have produced your videos for training.

Not to mention, you can use your explainer videos for training again and again. Furthermore, you can better utilize the money or resources you would have saved after investing in explainer videos for training. It is surely one of the significant benefits of videos for training. There are other benefits, too, which we are going to put light on, next.

2.     Videos Engage Better Than Texts

We have mentioned already that the human brain processes visual information better than text. For the same reason, you can confidently utilize videos for training to engage learners and communicate the desired information. Moreover, 73% of people prefer watching videos about products or services to learn about them rather than texts. Based on the aforementioned facts, you can realize why many businesses these days invest in videos to train their employees.

Not to mention, using videos for training will encourage your workers to learn about your business. Furthermore, your employees or workers can better retain the information you convey to them via videos. We also want to emphasize the fact that 65% of people these days are visual learners. Therefore, you should make training videos a part of your strategy to train your employees similar to many other businesses.

In addition, you can also incorporate interactive elements in your instructional videos to train your employees. For example, you can use quiz questions at the end of your video. It will allow your employees to recall the information they would have received and put that into practice.

Furthermore, you won’t only capture your audience’s attention via videos for training but also engage their brains. How? You will engage brains if you use interactive elements in your video, such as a quiz. Further, video naturally engages, which you can make even more interesting if you use an animated video for training.     

3.     Easy to Customize

Another noticeable advantage of using videos for training is that they are highly customizable. Hiring of the top training video production services, you can create such videos. Moreover, you can create videos for training in different formats, too. For instance, you can create these videos in the following formats: whiteboard, cartoon animation, and others

Besides, many businesses create videos for training in animated formats because animated content engages brains. Moreover, people can retain more information after watching videos that engage them well. For this reason, online businesses often choose animated explainer videos to educate the audience. You may also do the same for your online business. Why?

Investing in animated videos for training increases your chances to create memorable yet highly effective video content. You can create a live-action video for training instead of an animated video. However, the latter is easily customizable than the former plus costs less to create, too.

Furthermore, it is important you create your video tailored to your audience, such as your employees. Again, we want to emphasize animated training videos that allow for flexibility and engage well at the same time.

4.     Improved Communication with Information Retention

Another noticeable benefit of creating videos for training for your business is that they let you effectively convey the information. Moreover, effective communication of information means your target audience can better retain the information you convey to them.

Furthermore, a study reveals that “65% of average workers forget the information after seven days of completing training. In addition, the workers will lose the training material after six months of training. The same study also reveals 65% is the information retention rate of the audience after watching videos for training.”

Based on the above information, you can realize the effectiveness of training or tutorial videos. With the aid of explainer videos for training, you can help your employees retain the information. Further, these videos will help you save time and money, too. Moreover, the more engaging and brilliant video you create, the more employees will remember it for a long time.

Why Animated Explainer Videos for Training

Firstly, it is totally up to you whether to opt for a live-action or an animated video for training. Nonetheless, creating a live-action video is going to cost you more. How? You will need to hire an instructor, arrange schedules, and do much more if you opt for instructional-based (live-action) training.

On the other hand, you will only need to spend your money once if you use animated videos for training.  Moreover, the benefits that come with animated explainer videos are diverse too. For example, they cost less to create, engage the audience, are reusable, customizable, and much more.

Considering the advantages of using explainer videos for training, you can understand why you should invest in them. In addition, hiring one of the training video production services, you can create your animated explainer videos for training. However, make sure to hire a reputable video animation agency to create animated training videos.


A popular way to train employees is to use training or instructional videos. Moreover, you can create videos for training with the aid of one of the top training video production services. Besides, there are diverse benefits of using videos for training for your digital business and training your employees. Investing in videos for training can help you save money, resources, customize content, and much more. Furthermore, creating animated videos for training rather than instructional-based training is more beneficial for your business. In addition, it is important you hire a reputable video production service to create your animated videos for training. To finish, exploiting training videos is advantageous for your digital business in various ways.