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What curtain rods are fashionable in 2023 room curtains?




A well-chosen curtain rod complements a stylish interior. However, what is the phenomenon of curtain rods and how to emphasize the appearance of the interior with them? In this article, you will discover what curtain rods are fashionable in 2022 and how to decorate your four corners with them.

Modern curtain rods for the living room

What we call a trend in interior design depends on the appearance of the room we arrange. And as we know, the living room is where we spend the most time because it is where we welcome guests.

So, how to choose modern curtain rods for the living room?

What curtain rods do we have to choose from?

It depends on the store’s offer. Nevertheless, in almost everyone, you can find metal curtain rods, fashionable ceiling curtain rods, modern ceiling curtain rods, double curtain rods or electric curtain rods. A thorough assessment of individual needs should precede the one you choose.

And those can be determined based on what your goal is for it. If you want to emphasize the interior design, it is worth choosing modern curtain rods. However, if you want to “optically” maximize the space, choosing delicate curtain rods, e.g., the metal single is better.

In the RENA store’s offer, you will find a lot of curtain rods, which you can easily adjust to your needs with the help of a convenient configurator.

Curtain rod type available in RENA

In our store, you will find:

  1. Double ceiling rail
  2. Double curtain rail mounted to the wall
  3. Fashionable ceiling curtain rods with a finish
  4. Modern ceiling curtain rods
  5. Tubular curtain rods
  6. Single curtain rod
  7. Wall curtain rod
  8. Fashionable classic curtain rods
  9. Fashionable metal wall curtain rod

All products can be found here: Curtain rods

  1. What type of curtain rods to choose – Curtain rod style vs. interior style
  2. Minimalism – e.g. a single curtain rod – fits perfectly with modern arrangements.
  3. A built-in curtain rod – e.g. a ceiling rail – emphasizes the window arrangement through decorative construction.
  4. Classic – e.g. modern curtain rods – a wooden or metal curtain rod fits universal, industrial and loft interiors.
  5. Although there are several possibilities, they do not answer what is trendy now.

This is because modern curtain rods for the living room are primarily those that blend in with the style of the room. This means that the type of interior design dictates what curtain rod will be fashionable and, more precisely, what curtain rod will fit well.

Here you will find several types of modern curtain rods. And in this post you will learn how to install a curtain rod – step by step.

Which curtain rods are fashionable – Modern or retro?

For years, it has been clear that the primary trend in interior finishing is minimalism, which is often associated with modernity. However, this does not mean that the curtain rods must also be like this. Retro curtain rods, e.g. metal tubes in shades of silver, gold or black, rich in numerous decorations, e.g. a single fi 19 mm curtain rod, will also be perfect for modern interiors.

Often, in the case of such curtain rods, their traditional equipment, i.e. frogs, on which curtains and curtains hang, is also perfect.

Retro curtain rods are attractive and are back in favor due to their universal character. They fit into luxurious interiors and elegant arrangements. It is worth emphasizing, however, that if the curtain rods themselves combine several colors, the curtains should be monochromatic so as not to introduce the effect of chaos.

The most fashionable curtain rods in 2023

  1. To indicate the most fashionable curtain rods, you should divide them into categories.
  2. Modern interiors – fashionable, slightly extravagant curtain rods with eyelets.
  3. Classic arrangements – rail curtain rods with aesthetic construction that give the impression of a decorative cornice.
  4. Glamor style – ordinary wooden curtain rods will work for such interiors.
  5. Futuristic interiors – ceiling strips, thanks to which the curtains hang over the entire wall surface.

In 2022, there is a clear emphasis on stylish finishes. This effect is confirmed by the growing demand for curtain rods with a steel, chrome and gold style finish with spectacular endings such as Duncan, Bawaro, Boston, and Etiuda.

You can see each of them in the single curtain rod wizard.

Which curtain rods to choose?

However, style is not everything. Equally important are the features that at first glance are insignificant, and in fact it depends on them whether the curtain rod fits into the interior.

Below you will find some tips that will help you choose curtain rods for your needs:

If the wall recess is deep, choose a ceiling curtain rod.

The curtain rail must be wider than the edge of the window to cover its entire surface.

Choose a curtain rod with brackets if your windows are longer than 2.2 meters.

A wooden curtain rod always fits into classic and rustic interiors, its color is best suited to joinery, floors and furniture.

The metal curtain rod fits into industrial-style interiors.

A white curtain rod is a good solution for people who want it to be invisible against the background of a white wall.

The silver curtain rod looks great with gray curtains.

The cord curtain rod will work only for hanging light curtains.

Curtain rods and curtains with wheels will work well in modern interiors.

In the case of ceiling rails, you can mount LED strips next to them that emit warm light, which will add cosiness to the decor.

How to match the color of the curtain rod to the arrangement of the window?

The color of the curtain rod is an important thing when buying it. It is hard to imagine how a metal curtain rod would fit against the motley walls and vice versa. Therefore, in order to choose the right curtain rod in terms of color, it is worth sticking to a few important rules.

Choice of curtain rods in terms of color

For this purpose, we recommend sticking to the principle of composition or contrast. In classic interiors, where wooden colors dominate, you can try silver curtain rods that will slightly change the decor of the windows. On the other hand, in children’s rooms, subdued curtain rods will work much better, which will not stand out against the motley walls.

You will learn more about this in the article: How to match the curtain rod to the interior design.

What curtain rods are fashionable – Summary

As you can see, fashionable curtain rods are the ones that match the interior. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect ones, first of all pay attention to what the room looks like and what you expect in terms of functionality.

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