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What Is Shop Fitting Scotland and Its Importance in UK?



Shop-fitting is equipment and furniture used to create a store or retail space. In general merchandise stores and apparel stores, these fixtures are called “store fixtures” or “store furniture.” They vary according to the scene and product types.

The shop-fitting cycle begins with a survey of the retail premises and measurement of the available space. Then the design drawings are prepared. Afterwards, the client approves the designs, the purchase of standard equipment is arranged and the production of bespoke furniture is done.


Shop fittings Scoltand are the most important parts of any retail outlet. They are what attract customers and help you win their business. The design of these elements should reflect your brand identity and be as attractive as possible. They should be movable to save space and reduce the time needed for changing layouts. In addition, they should be safe for the people handling them.

Commercial shop fitters are experts in the fit-out of retail outlets, including corner shops, department stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets or hypermarkets. These professionals execute all planning, design, and layout of equipment and services and also help in designing bespoke furniture and signage. In addition, they can provide interior design expertise and assist in the purchasing of retail equipment.

Henson Projects is a leading shopfitting company in Dundee that has helped many businesses in Scotland improve their brands and sales. The company’s highly competitive and quality-oriented shopfitting service can help you build your brand image and create a memorable shopping experience for your customers. The company’s design team can help you develop a unique and effective store concept that will attract new customers and increase your business. The team can also handle other aspects of your business, such as civils works, refrigeration and air conditioning.


Shop fitting is a trade that involves the fit-out of retail outlets like corner shops, convenience stores, department stores and supermarkets or hypermarkets with equipment and fixtures. It includes a range of activities such as planning, design and layout and installation of equipment and services. A shop fitter also provides interior design expertise and manufactures bespoke furniture, signage and fittings, as well as assisting with the purchasing of retail equipment.

The Steampunk team are professional, quality oriented and genuinely care about the outcome of each project they undertake. They have proven this with the SPAR Scotland Food to Go rollout and I would highly recommend them to any independent retailer looking for a partner who delivers on all fronts. Aaron’s attention to detail is exceptional and Darren’s project management is second to none.

Health & Safety

Whether you’re a small shop or a large retail outlet, your customers should be able to move around the store easily without having to worry about any hazards. Having the right shop fitters will help you ensure that your customers’ experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible. You should also look for a firm that offers interior design services. This will help you design the layout and make sure that all the pieces are safe for use.

Shop fitting Dundee involves the fit out of retail outlets like corner shops, department stores and convenience stores with equipment, fixtures and fittings. The process is carried out by a shopfitting company, which carries out the planning, design, and layout of the shop layout and installs the equipment and services. It also provides professional expertise in interior design and assists with the manufacture of bespoke furniture, signage, and fittings (with its own or outsourced facilities) as well as arranging for the buying of standard retail equipment.

Although serious physical violence in shops is rare, shopworkers have to deal with the threat of violent behaviour from members of the public as well as the risk of attacks from robbers or thieves. Employers have a legal duty to identify and control these risks.

In many cases, these risks are preventable. There is no excuse for a retailer not to have proper fire detection and alarm systems, suitable and sufficient training for staff on how to tackle and respond to a robbery or burglary, and adequate procedures in place for dealing with customers who become abusive or threatening.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) enforces a range of UK legislation to protect the health and safety of employees and the general public. However, it has gone missing in the COVID-19 pandemic. This has left many people feeling that the HSE is not doing what it should to keep them safe at work.

The new guidance applies to all organisations that provide community equipment and adaptations in Scotland, including NHS boards, local authorities, integration authorities, housing associations, and private companies. It replaces previous guidance and outlines the responsibilities of all partnerships. It also introduces a new self-assessment tool to support partnerships in identifying the actions they need to take to improve their delivery of services.


Whether your business is new or established, you should consider taking out shop insurance. This can protect you against damage to property and legal action by customers, suppliers or members of the public. It can also help cover the cost of compensation if someone is injured on your premises.

Shop fitting (or fit-out) is the trade of preparing retail and service outlets like corner shops, convenience stores, department and hypermarkets with equipment, fixtures and fittings. It involves the shopfitting company executing planning, designing layout and installing equipment and services. It can incorporate professional expertise in interior design, manufacturing bespoke furniture and signage as well as purchasing retail equipment.

There are a variety of policies that can suit your business, but you should discuss it with your insurer. A normal residential policy won’t be suitable for rental properties.

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