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Why are Skyscanner prices different?




Ever wondered why Skyscanner last minute flight costs vary so much Many factors are involved. Some blame a shifting supply and demand chain while others believe airline pricing is erratic for no reason.

Learn why Skyscanner flight costs differ here.

Dynamic Pricing.

Flight prices are adjusted by airlines complicated computer systems based on supply and demand. In real time flight prices might rise or fall depending on demand.

When you search for flights on the platform the prices shown are for that moment and not guaranteed for future searches. Since they might alter in minutes or seconds

Availability and Inventory.

Airlines have varying pricing agreements with travel firms and booking systems thus flight possibilities vary. Some platforms feature exclusive deals or fare classes for their subscribers but others dont. Due to inventory availability for certain flights and or fare classes on multiple platforms platform rates may vary.

Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges.

Taxes fees and surcharges flight hidden costs—also matter. Skyscanner guarantees the base cost but you should check for hidden fees before booking.

Additionally taxes fees and surcharges vary greatly based on

  • Airports involved.
  • Additional services.
  • Local regulations.
  • Specific airlines.
  • Individual policies.

To avoid issues double check the fare breakdown before departure.

Currency Conundrum.

Skyscanner recommends and searches for flights in your selected currency. Exchange rates change frequently and can affect the price of a flight in your selected currency. Changing currency rates might also affect flight prices.

The Timing Tango.

When you look for a flight and find a wonderful offer you may reconsider and not book it. If you return later the price will have miraculously changed. Flight booking timing is affected by specials promotions and market dynamics which can affect fare prices.

Price alerts and other search filters might help you find the greatest offers.

Booking medium.

Flight cost depends on whether you book through a third party or Skyscanner.

Skyscanner flight costs usually apply when buying directly. No hidden fees are linked with the platform. Users pay no booking fee with Skyscanner.

However third party websites or booking partners may charge extra for flight bookings. These fees are usually called processing fee or service fee. For flight reservations verify the fare breakdown before paying the final amount.

Skyscanner provides reliable and up to date flight booking information but always check the fare and terms before booking and paying.

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