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How to Increase your Snap Score Instantly?



How to Increase your Snap Score Instantly?

One of the most widely used social media sites today, Snapchat has a ton of entertaining features, like the ability for users to send each other timed snaps. Snapchat uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate your Snap Score, which is based on your activity.

What is the Snapchat score?

The Snapchat Score feature is crucial because it keeps users interested as they keep comparing their scores with those of their friends. Just below your name on Snapchat is where you can find your account’s Snapchat score.

How do I get my Snap Score up?

You can only raise your Snapchat score if you regularly use the app and engage with your friends by sending and receiving snaps. Additionally, sharing your snaps as stories can make it simple for you to improve your Snapchat ranking. Here are some of the easiest ways to raise your Snapchat score.

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  1. Post snaps to your stories

Adding your snaps to stories is one way to raise your Snapchat rating. You must follow these steps to upload your photos to Stories.

  • Open the Snapchat app.
  • Tap the “shutter” icon next to a photo you want to add to your story, and then click the photo.
  • At the bottom of the screen, next to Save, tap the Story option.
  • Then, a small dialog box appears, asking for confirmation. Press the Add button. 
  1. Send snaps to your friends

One of the most popular ways to raise your Snapchat score is by sending snaps to your friends. You can send snaps to your friends by following these steps.

  • Open Snapchat and choose the photo you want to send to your friend.
  • Tap on “Send to.” 
  • Click “Okay” and tap on the name of your friend to whom you want to send the snap.
  • To send, press the arrow once more in the bottom right corner of your screen. 
  1. Add more friends to your Snapchat

Adding more friends to your Snapchat will also help you to increase your Snapchat score. Here are the steps that you can follow to add new friends to your Snapchat.

  • Go to the Snapchat app. 
  • At the top left of your screen, tap on your profile photo. 
  • Tap the “Add Friends” option under “Friends” which you can find by scrolling down.
  • You can add friends by tapping the “Add” button next to their names. 

All of these methods work as a Snapchat score calculator that is used to determine snap score.

How to cheat your Snapchat score?

You can use this hack, which I’m going to tell you, to cheat your snap score. Firstly, delete Snapchat from your phone. After that, download AppValley to your device. 

After downloading, choose the tab in the center, choose the Hacked Apps category, and then pick Snapchat Plus Plus. Login to this app and add your account details. Then, you have to create “Groups” and add as many celebrities to this group as you can. Now, send snaps to this group. For each recipient of the snap you send, you will receive one point. Even if you sent snaps to multiple recipients, Snapchat’s original version only gave you one point. In this way, you can increase your snap score.


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