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What Does Purple Circle Mean on Snapchat



what does the purple circle mean on snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps among youngsters for its various interesting features such as snap streaks, filters, and more. 

Snapchat follows a colour-coded interface which seems eye-pleasing. However, it might get a little perplexing to navigate various icons and their functionality. 

For instance, You might have noticed icons with different colors in the chat section. Each of them means something different. The red-coloured square means there’s a picture snap whereas a purple-coloured box means there’s a video snap. Moreover, the blue-colored box means that there’s a new text message. 

Another symbol that confuses a lot of first-time users is the purple rings around any user’s profile or bitmoji. So, what does the purple circle mean on snapchat? Let’s find out. 

Why Do Some Snapchat Stories Display Blue Rings and Others Display Purple Ones

Generally, a purple ring around someone’s profile image or bitmoji means that the user has updated a new story. However, you must have seen a slight difference between when you view the story of your friend section and when you view it from the story page. 

When you view a friend’s story from the chat section, it displays a blue ring around your friend’s profile. However, it turns purple when you view it from the stories section. 

The change doesn’t have a significant meaning behind it. It is simply a design choice and there’s no difference between the two. 

Why Is There a Lock with the Purple Ring on Someone’s Story on Snapchat

If a profile displays a purple ring with a lock around it, it means that the user has been added to their friend’s close friend’s list. Just like Instagram, Snapchat has also introduced a private story feature which is displayed by a lock on the purple ring around someone’s profile image or bitmoji. 

Users can choose to post content that is only visible to a selected number of people. If you see a lock along with a purple ring around your friend’s profile, it means that you’ve been added to their close friend list, allowing you to access and view their exclusive content. 

Why Is There a Purple Ring Around Someone’s Bitmoji Who’s Not My Friend on Snapchat

If you see a stranger’s bitmoji with a purple ring around it in the stories section, it is a row of recommended users you can add to your friend’s list. The feature is known as “Quick Add” on Snapchat using which you can add new friends. 


Snapchat has been coming up with constant updates and features recently which may become confusing for most users. Moreover, it’s a colour-coded platform which makes it difficult for users to understand the features and functions of various icons and symbols on the app. 

One such symbol is the purple ring around someone’s profile. The purple circle snapchat is displayed in various places on the platform. We’ve explained the meaning of each one in this article. 

We hope you found this article helpful. 

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