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Kerala Wildlife Tour: Discovering Beautiful National Parks



Kerala wildlife tour

Kerala is top famous state and well known as God’s Own Country. Plan Kerala wildlife tour to enjoy the wonders of nature. Moreover, this is a land of diverse landscapes and rich culture. In addition, tranquil backwaters and serene beaches are its famous attractions.

Plan Kerala travel from Delhi with Keralapackage to enjoy most of your journey. On the other hand, Kerala’s national parks offer a unique chance to enjoy its natural treasures. For wildlife and nature lover, a Kerala tour from Delhi is a best journey to enjoy. This is a great place to explore in India.

Periyar National Park – Where Nature Thrives

Periyar National Park, located in the Western Ghats. In short, this is a true testament to Kerala’s natural beauty. Moreover, this place is nestled in the Idukki district.

A Kerala wildlife tour is best to explore the wonders of nature. This park is a haven for wildlife. On the other hand, there is a sanctuary which is home for the majestic Indian elephant. As you explore the dense forests, you will encounter many flora and fauna.

1: Wildlife Encounters

Periyar is famous for its diverse wildlife, including elephants, tigers and many more. During the trip, enjoy the sight of a herd of elephants playing in the Periyar Lake.

2: Boat Safari on Periyar Lake

The unique features of Periyar National Park is the boat safari. During the boating, enjoy the drifting along the tranquil waters.

You will have the chance to spot animals coming to the water’s edge for a drink. Moreover, you can see vibrant birdlife that fills the air with melodies.

3: Spice Plantations

Adjacent to the national park lies the fragrant world of spice plantations. A visit to these plantations offers a glimpse into Kerala’s aromatic heritage.

During the journey, witness the cultivation of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and pepper. In short, there are many things what you can see throughout the journey. The journey to this state is really great to enjoy the views of nature.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary – A Haven of Biodiversity

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in the northern part of Kerala. Moreover, this is a lesser known gem that’s equally captivating. This sanctuary’s undulating terrain and mist covered mountains offer a perfect backdrop for a wildlife adventure.

In short, this state is a perfect blend of nature and adventure. Throughout the journey, you can click some of the best photos. If you want to enjoy a nice trip time then this place is really great.

1: Trekking Trails

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary offers trekking trails that take you through diverse ecosystems. On the other hand, there are many trekking trails where you can enjoy trekking.

For example, The Chembra Peak trek is pretty famous one. This trek is leading you to the highest point in Wayanad.

2: Rich Avian Diversity

Bird enthusiasts will be thrilled by the sanctuary’s avian diversity. Moreover, over 200 species of birds have been spotted here. Above all, the Malabar grey hornbill and the crested serpent eagle are famous.

3: Exploring Edakkal Caves

The Edakkal Caves offer a unique chance to witness prehistoric rock carvings. On the other hand, the caves are accessible via a moderate hike.

In addition, offers a cultural dimension to your wildlife tour. Visit this place and enjoy your most of the trip to the heaven of nature.

Silent Valley National Park – A Biodiversity Hotspot

Silent Valley National Park, located in the Nilgiri Hills. In addition, this is often considered the most ecologically diverse areas. On the other hand, the park’s name originates from the absence of noisy cicadas.

In short, journey to this state, creates a serene atmosphere. If you want to see the combo of nature and peace then this place is great. This place is also a fine spot to click the photos of natural wonders.

1: Rare Flora

Silent Valley is home to rare species of flora. For example, the Nilgiri tahr, a mountain goat species that’s native to this region. Similarly, the park’s dense forests house a wealth of plant species.

2: Conservation Efforts

Silent Valley has been the focus of significant conservation efforts due to its ecosystem. Certainly, exploring the park contributes to the conservation of this vital habitat.

Plan your journey to this heaven to feel the beauty of nature. All the charms of the nature can be explored during the journey. The beauty of this place is unique and great to enjoy with a trip.

3: Poomala Dam

While exploring Silent Valley, consider visiting the Poomala Dam, located nearby. In addition, the dam offers stunning views of the surrounding places.

This is a great place for nature lovers and bird watchers. In short, this place offers a lot to every tourist.

Practical Tips for a Kerala Wildlife Tour

1: Best Time to Visit

The winter months of October to February are ideal for wildlife tours. During the time, the weather is pleasant and animals are more active.

2: Permits and Guides

Some areas of the national parks may require permits and guides for entry. It’s advisable to check the specific requirements before your visit.

3: Eco friendly Practices

Kerala places great emphasis on ecotourism. During the journey, respect the environment, wildlife and local communities. In short, follow the rules throughout the journey.

Enjoy your trip without cause any harm to environment. This tip is a nice one to enjoy your trip without any hassle. The state is famous for its wonders of nature, so, follow this tip for sure.

4: Camera and Binoculars

Certainly, a good camera with a zoom lens will enhance your wildlife experience.

5: Stay Options

Many national parks offer eco friendly resorts within boundaries. In addition, it offers a unique chance to stay close to nature.

In Conclusion – A Journey into Kerala’s Natural Treasures

A Kerala wildlife tour is a chance to connect with the state’s pristine landscapes. Moreover, this trip is also best to enjoy diverse flora and fauna and rich cultural heritage. During the journey, explore Periyar, Wayanad and Silent Valley.

Trekking through lush forests or enjoy the boat safari, Kerala offers a tapestry of memories. So, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy the wonders of nature. The journey to this place is a must try one.

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