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The Mughal Gardens of Srinagar: An Amazing Day Out



Mughal gardens of Srinagar

Srinagar, the crown jewel of Kashmir, is known for its landscapes, serene lakes, and charming gardens. Among its many treasure, the Mughal gardens of Srinagar are the main.

These gardens further stand as a symbol to the artistic brilliance of the Mughal era. For Mumbai tourists seeking an escape amidst natural beauty, they offer a perfect day out. Meanwhile, let’s explore these unique gardens and the calm ambiance they promise.

The Splendor of Mughal Gardens

These gardens are one of the main attractions of the city. The Mughal gardens of Srinagar are a number of terraced gardens built in the Mughal style.

They meanwhile feature symmetrical layouts, flowing water channels, and carefully made floral paths. Firstly, these gardens were made by various Mughal emperors. Each had their unique vision to create charming spaces that blend nature with human design.

1: Shalimar Bagh- The Abode of Love

Shalimar Bagh, also known as the Abode of Love. It was built by Emperor Jahangir for his beloved wife, Empress Noor Jahan.

This garden’s design contains three terraces, each filled with fountains, flowerbeds, and pavilions. The central canal that flows through the garden meanwhile adds a sense of serenity. This garden is famous for its illuminated fountains that come alive during the evenings.

2: Nishat Bagh- The Garden of Delight

Nishat Bagh, often known as the Garden of Delight. It was created by Asif Khan, the brother of Empress Noor Jahan. This garden is firstly known for its stunning backdrop of the Zabarwan Range.

Further, its 12 terraces descend gently towards the Dal Lake. The meticulously landscaped lawns, falling water channels, and great chinar trees make Nishat Bagh a heaven. Nature lovers gets stunned with its beauty.

3: Chashme Shahi- The Royal Spring

Chashme Shahi, also known as the Royal Spring. This was established during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan.

It derives its name from the natural spring supplying water to its fountains and water channels. The garden’s layout is modest compared to others. But its serene ambiance and the healing effects of the spring make it a favored spot.

A Relaxing Day Out for Vacationers from Mumbai

1: Embrace Nature’s Tranquility

For tourists from Mumbai, the bustling city life can be overwhelming. A day spent in the Mughal Gardens offers them to immerse in the peace of nature.

Enjoy the carefully made lawns, the sound of flowing water, and the aroma of blooming flowers. They all further create an ambiance of peace that washes away the stress of daily life.

2: Stroll Through Timeless Beauty

A stroll through the Mughal Gardens takes you through history and aesthetics. Explore their minute designs, the symmetry of the layouts, and the building marvels.

It meanwhile transport you to an era of grandeur and elegance. Above all, its an experience that engages both the senses and the intellect.

3: Picnic Amidst Beauty

For families, the Mughal Gardens offer an ideal setting for a lazy picnic. Spread out a mat on the lush lawns and savor local dishes.

Above all, share laughter with your loved ones while being having stunning beauty around. It’s a chance to meanwhile create pleasant memories amidst a scenic backdrop.

4: Capture Timeless Moments

The Mughal Gardens provide a stunning backdrop for photography lovers. Capture the vibrant flowers, the reflective waters of the fountains, and the grandeur of the structure. Above all, each angle offers a new aspect, and your camera will be your constant friend.

5: Revive the Soul

As tourists from Mumbai explore the Mughal Gardens, feel a sense of revival. It comes from being close to nature’s creations.

The serene ambiance, the calming effect of water, and cool breeze infuse a sense of peace. Above all, it revives the mind, body, and soul.

Practical Tips for a Day at the Mughal Gardens

1: Appropriate Clothing

Srinagar’s weather can vary, so dress in layers to ensure comfort throughout the day.

2: Comfortable Footwear

Since You will be walking through the gardens, wear comfortable shoes. They firstly allow you to explore without any discomfort.

3: Sun Protection

Moreover, carry sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

4: Camera

Above all, do not forget to carry your camera or smartphone. They will help you to capture the garden’s beauty and your memorable moments.

5: Local Cuisine

After your garden visit, explore local places to savor real Kashmiri cuisine. After that, complete your day with eating delights.


If vacationers from Mumbai seeking respite from the urban hustle, Mughal Gardens are perfect. The Mughal Gardens of Srinagar provide an oasis of beauty, peace, and cultural richness. As you wander through these carefully crafted landscapes, You will find solace in nature’s embrace.

Meanwhile, you can connect with history’s grandeur, and create memories. They will meanwhile linger long after you have returned to Mumbai. A day spent in the Mughal Gardens is not just a sightseeing experience. Above all, it is a journey to relax and revive for the mind, body, and soul.


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